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"Sometimes upbeat, sometimes melancholy, but always thoughtful acoustic songs throughout, with catchy melodies and fantastic musicianship in a quick-moving, tasty collection of singer-songwriter gems!"  -CD Baby 


"May you never be afraid again, and your troubles sail away for good. And the sacrifice and grace your share reflect the love and peace your soul repaired." 




Steve Shaw began his songwriting career in 1995 when the band he fronted, Freeze the Hopper, released Illusions of Grandeur, which was recorded and produced by St. Louis’ David Probst (The Eyes/ Pale Divine).  Shaw wrote eleven songs for the disc, which received rave reviews and propelled the band to be able to tour the Midwest and release a follow-up, Burn, in 1997.  Shaw  penned fourteen songs for Burn and established himself as a prolific, indie-style singer/songwriter as his song “Violets at Night” was voted by St. Louis as best rock song of 1997 and released by Blueberry Hill Records on a “St. Louis’ Best” compilation


In 1998 as a solo artist, Shaw wrote “Something Here”, which was chosen for the Ink Records compilation Sound Bytes St. Louis.  Shaw soon began touring as a solo/acoustic performer, honing his songwriting skills into more of an Americana genre.


The result of Shaw’s hard work resulted in the release of his debut album, Lay This Burden Down, in 2006. The 20-song epic disc received worldwide critical acclaim, with airplay and media attention throughout the United States and Europe. On the strength of the disc, Shaw again toured throughout the Midwest, highlighted by a 14-day, 10-cities-in-6-states leg. From the disc, “Melancholy Blue” was chosen for a Quick Star Records compilation, Indie Underground.


In 2011, Shaw released Lonedell, a 14-song disc that featured the brilliant playing of fiddle player Brian Elder (Trans Siberian Orchestra and University City Orchestra), which solidified Shaw’s sound in American roots music. The strength of Lonedell was enhanced with the release of the country-tinged single “Whiskey Shack”, the indie-inspired “Erida”, and the roots rock of “The Americans”. The proceeds from the single “The Americans” were donated to American veteran’s aide charities The Fisher House and The Mission Continues.


Set for release on April 29, 2014, Shaw’s new disc, Honeysuckle Jump, features 10 new songs along with a cover of Steve Earle’s “Galway Girl”. The disc is primarily an acoustic album that once again is stamped with the signature fiddle and mandolin of Elder. Though the album has no drums, Shaw and producer Patrick Crecelius provided plenty of percussion through experimental ways, using everything from “pots and pans to beating on guitar cases.” 


Honeysuckle Jump once again addresses the things that define Shaw – his Catholic faith, family tradition, his hometown, and affinity to the working class. While The Beatles and Dylan influences are still evident, Shaw nods to country folk legends like Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Woody Guthrie with songs of loneliness and desperation. With this he mixes in up-beat rhythm shuffles and clever melodies that add texture and excitement.


The new album: Honeysuckle Jump

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